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Coronary heart disease is generally caused due to blockage in the blood vessels of the heart by clots, thus interfering in the-blood flow. Thus the muscles of the heart get poor oxygen due to less blood supply. If the blockage is complete in any smaller coronary vessel that part of the muscle supplied by the vessel dies. This leads to heart attack. If the blockage is minor it may cause temporary chest pains. The efficiency of the heart muscles in contracting and relaxing decreases.

Factors to be taken care of:

  1. High blood pressure is a well-established major risk factor for heart disease. Treatment of hypertension reverses the high risk for clot formation and heart attacks.
  2. Males are more prone to heart attacks than women. Death rates are three times greater in men than in women. But after menopause, this difference is negligible. Proper nutrition and exercise should be taken for males and females after 40.
  3. Chances of heart diseases increase with age, due to the increasing risk of tensions and a sedentary way of life. Try to minimise both the risk factors.
  4. If there is a family history of heart disease one should take precautions because the risk doubles.
  5. Common signs of a heart attack: Prolonged discomfort, fullness, squeezing or pain in the centre of the chest, pain that spreads to the left side of the upper body. Pressure, tightness or burning in the chest. Sudden acute indigestion, fainting or loss of consciousness is also indicative of an attack. Nausea, vomiting or cold sweaty skin, increased or irregular heartbeat.
  6. Increased fat (lipid) in the blood is harmful for the heart. The two most common lipids are cholesterol and triglycerides that are responsible for heart attacks. These two do not move freely in the blood but combine with a protein to form lipoprotein. A high level of high-density lipoprotein has a lower risk of heart disease and a high level of low-density lipoprotein represents an increased risk. In case of athletes high-density lipoproteins are raised and in case of sedentary people they are altered. According to research findings very fat people are often hypertensive with raised blood fat levels. Weight loss and accompanying fat reduction generally normalise cholesterol and triglyceride levels and maintain blood pressure. This can be done by following the abovementioned guidelines for low caloric food and exercise.
  7. The probability of death from heart disease for smokers is twice as great as for non-smokers. Risk of heart diseases due to smoking is more than the risk of lung cancer.
  8. As people detect symptoms of coronary heart disease, they move into a sedentary lifestyle. But this is wrong. Exercise improves blood circulation to the heart muscle thus providing more oxygen and increase in heart glycogen stores that is beneficial when the heart's oxygen supply is hampered. It enhances the contractile property of the heart muscle that enables one to maintain and increase the contractility of the muscle dltring an emergency. It alters the heart rate and blood pressure so that the work of the heart muscle is significantly reduced at rest and during exercise. It normalises the blood fat level. It is a favourable outlet for stress and tensions, solving all problems. But in heart patients, before starting an exercise it is necessary to obtain medical clearance.
  9. Taking emblica myrobalan for one's entire life prevents heart failure and other heart problems. Daily use of lemon also prevents heart failure because it does not let cholesterol settle in the blood vessels.
  10. As soon as a person gets a heart attack s/he should immediately chew four pieces of garlic. After the attack is over take two pieces of garlic boiled in milk. Those who roam about barefoot are insured to a large extent from high blood pressure.
  11. Sleeping with the head towards the south helps in prevention of heart and brain diseases. Do not sleep with feet towards the south. If it is not possible to sleep towards the south, then keep your head towards the east because the sun's power has a lot of effect on the human body. Eyesight improves. Peaceful and sound sleep follows.


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