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One of the most common problems of the head, it can be due to many causes like tension, insomnia, cold, exhaustion, high blood pressure, migraine etc.

In cases of headache due to cold or exhaustion, drink herbal tea to feel fresh.

  1. For headache due to severe cold (sinusitis), warm water gargles for sore throat, nasal cleaning with warm water and steam inhalation are very effective.
  2. The exercise, Shirodhara, has a dramatic impact on the nervous system by calming the mind and all the sense organs. Along with Ayurvedic medicinal preparations, it also cures premature greying of hair, headache, pricking pain in the palms and soles, sinusitis, migraine, insomnia and tensions.
  3. If the headache is in half the area of the head put 2 - 4 drops of clarified cow's butter (ghee) into both nostrils for seven days.
  4. For headache due to high blood pressure, avoid tea, coffee, heavy meals, fried food and alcohol.
    • Blood pressure aggravates during winters; such patients should drink lots of water during winters. The more water is drunk, the more urine is passed, lowering blood pressure.
    • Grind watermelon seeds and white khas khas separately. Now mix them in equal amounts. Take three grams of the preparation, morning and evening.

Headache due to insomnia

  1. Sleep in a comfortable, clean bed that's not very high or very low and use a normalsized pillow. Sleep in a well-ventilated place.

Postural headache

  1. Sleep in a comfortable posture. Sometimes the head is diverted too much towards one side and on waking up you find that this side starts aching. Change the posture slowly. This pain subsides gradually after some time while doing this exercise.

Headache due to intoxication

  1. The cause of intoxication has to be removed.

Headache due to constipation, gas in the abdomen

  1. Drink warm water in larger amounts than you normally drink.
  2. In severe cases, warm water enema, glycerine enema or soap water enema can also be taken.
  3. Perform Vajrasana (explained in Stomach Ailments) daily twice after meals.

Headache due to cold air

  1. Drink hot milk, tie your head with a cloth to improve blood circulation and app a warm cloth on the forehead.

Headache due to hot air, the sun

  1. Apply a bandage immersed in cold water on the forehead.
  2. Apply sandalwood paste on the forehead.
  3. Rest in a cool environment.

Headache due to excessive studies or eyestrain due to driving, watching television etc characterised by palpitation or pain in the temporal region

  1. Sprinkle cold water on the eyes.
  2. Close your eyes for some time.
  3. Apply a clay bandage.
  4. Grape juice is beneficial in all kinds of headaches.
  5. Taking watermelon juice mixed with sugar cures headache due to excessive heat.
  6. Coconut mixed with sugar candy in equal amounts cures headache to a large extent.


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