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Home Remedies for Diarrhoea (Loose Motions)

  1. Signs of dehydration in diarrhoea ate cold, clammy hands and feet. Lethargic, unconscious or floppy child. Inability to drink. Complete loss of elasticity of the skin. Absence of tears. Very dry mucous membrane of the mouth. Severe reduction in volume of urine.
  2. In cases of acute diarrhoea oral rehydration therapy is the best option. As per WHO standards, the formula is:
    • Sodium chloride 3.5 gms
    • Sodium hydrogen carbonate 2.5 gms
    • Potassium chloride 1.5 gms
    • Glucose 20 gms
  3. This has to be dissolved in one litre of water.

  4. In case of children the rehydration therapy should be started as soon as the child starts having loose motions or vomiting.
  5. In case of chronic diarrhoea the nutritional requirements have to be met, the water and mineral losses have to be replenished and motions have to be reduced.
  6. Protein intake is doubled in case of chronic diarrhoea, carbohydrate is also increased but fat has to be decreased. Mineral losses have to be supplemented. Vitamin B has to be given as the intestinal flora gets disturbed.
  7. High fibre foods like whole grain cereals, whole pulses and pulses with husk should be avoided.
  8. Fried fatty foods like pakoras, samosas, mathis, halwas, and puris should be avoided.
  9. All raw vegetables and foods, excluding banana, pomegranate and papaya, should be avoided.
  10. Spices, pickles, chutneys and strongly flavoured vegetables like turnip, cabbage, capsicum, radish, onion and garlic should be avoided.
  11. Plenty of fluids as described in the form of oral rehydration therapy should be given.
  12. Light milk according to the frequency and consistency of loose motions may be taken.
  13. Low fibre foods like refined cereals (without husk) and cooked vegetables and fruits may be started gradually.
  14. In 125 grams of curd add 5-10 grams of Spiegel seeds and take this mixture twice a day; it controls loose motions. Give complete rest to the patient. Do not give heavy items in the food but only rice and curd.
  15. Roast fennel and white cumin seeds in equal amounts and take 3 gms of it every three hours with water. It cures loose motions.
  16. For all stomach ailments mix powder of 12 gms of fennel and 6 gms of white cumin seeds. Now add 12 grams of unrefined sugar and store it in a bottle. Take one gram morning and evening with water. It cures all stomach problems if taken for 10-15 days.
  17. Make a powder of 10 gms of dry fruit of emblica myrobalan and 5 gms of black chebulic myrobalan. Take one gram of the above mixture morning and evening with water. It cures all types of loose motions.
  18. Mixture of dry fruit of Indian gooseberry powder and black salt in the dose of half teaspoonfuls with water cures loose motions.
  19. Also fresh juice of Indian gooseberry taken along with lemon juice and sugar cures loose motions.
  20. In half a cup of boiling water add one teaspoonful of ginger juice and drink when hot. Drink after everyone hour. It cures watery loose motions.
  21. If the frequency of loose motion is too much make a paste of dry fruit of emblica myrobalan with water and make a circle around the umbilicus with this paste. In this circle fill ginger juice and let the patient lie down in a supine position for half an hour. This method cures severe diarrhoea without any medicine.
  22. Drink buttermilk 200 grams with roasted cumin seeds and half-gram black salt.
  23. Boil and drink the leaves of guava to cure chronic constipation.
  24. Roasted cumin seeds mixed ill curd or fennel chewed after meals increase digestive power.
  25. Banana taken along with curd is very useful for loose motions.
  26. Rub the nut in the mango's seed with water and apply this paste on the umbilicus. This cures all types of loose motions.
  27. Application of ginger juice on the umbilicus of the patient cures loose motions.
  28. Intake of curd with mango juice and one teaspoon ginger cures loose motions.
  29. Intake of mango nut powder with water also cures loose motions.


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