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Home Remedies for Constipation

  1. Suppression of natural urge (holding back stools) despite pressure is a very common cause of constipation, especially in women.
  2. Improper diet and fluids also cause constipation. Avoid very heavy foods containing fats such as creams, pastries, puddings; proteins like cheese, chicken, mutton; fried food like pakora, mathi, samosa, parantha, puri; wind-forming food (almost all the pulses - chana, chane ki dal, rajmah, rice etc.) which disturb intestinal flora.
  3. Increase the quantity of raw food in the diet - green vegetables, salad, and fresh fruits. This should be rich in fibre like soybean and Bengal gram; fruits like apple, figs, guava, grapes, lemon, dates, orange; grains maximum in fibre like barley, oatmeal, maize, wheat flour, jowar, bajra, whole wheat, rice flakes, refined wheat flour (without husk) and puffed rice. Coriander seeds, cumin seeds, dry pepper and turmeric also contain fibre.
  4. High carbohydrate fibre containing diet like drumstick, carrot, dry pepper, rajmah (add garlic and ginger to pass wind or gas) are helpful in preventing constipation.
  5. Excessive tea and coffee, smoking and chewing tobacco also lead to constipation. Caffeine is a stimulating agent, causing sleeplessness, hence indigestion. Bed tea is the most harmful for people suffering from constipation because at that time the stomach and intestines are empty. Tea and coffee act as corrosive agents of the intestine.
  6. Highly spicy food hampers the digestive system.
  7. Make chapatti (thin bread) of wheat (two parts) and roasted black gram powder (one part), along with their husk for increased fibre, ensuring normal defecation.
  8. Chew the food nicely so that it gets mixed with the saliva properly. This makes digestion and processing of food easier in the intestine. Avoid indulging in some other activity like watching television while having food. In today's fast world, fast food is taken in a fast manner. This leads to overloading of work (secretion of juices and breakdown of food) on the intestines, causing several stomach ailments. The daily routine should be planned in a way so as to leave sufficient time for peaceful meals.
  9. Drink more water. Drink water kept for the whole night in a clay or copper vessel in the morning. You should have water at least one hour after meals for proper digestion of food.
  10. People with sedentary occupations particularly suffer from constipation. Walking four to five kilometres daily is necessary, especially after dinner, since it helps proper digestion of food.
  11. Sleeplessness is another cause of constipation as it disturbs the regularity of meal digestion. A restless body is unable to work properly during digestion.
  12. If constipation is due to intake of heavy food take lemon water and fluids. Do not have anything till you feel hungry.
  13. Take fenugreek seeds, tomato, carrot, onion, papaya, spearmint, amla, orange, lemon juice, milk, date, fig, dry grapes dipped in milk, green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek etc. Potatoes, cauliflower, colocasia (arbi), yellow pumpkin and lady's finger are not useful. But cabbage, bitter gourd, brinjal, carrot, green papaya, white pumpkin, drumstick, capsicum, beetroot and broccoli are very useful
  14. Cabbage juice half cup taken twice daily cures constipation due to its fibre content. Cooking destroys some active ingredients responsible for curing stomach ailments, so fresh juice is advised.
  15. 1-2 teaspoon juice of fresh grapes given to small children clears their stomach and relieves constipation. Grapes contain fibre and salts, which are responsible for passing motions.
  16. Dip 10-12 dry grapes without seeds (large raisin) in milk and boil the milk. Now chew the grapes and drink the milk. This is more beneficial when taken at night.
  17. Mango is a natural reliever of constipation. Drinking milk over mango forms a lining in the mucous membrane of the intestine and stomach and clears the stomach.
  18. Prune (aloo-bukhara) also relieves constipation.
  19. Chronic constipation is relieved by intake of figs dipped in water and taken in the morning. Figs are also rich in fibre.
  20. Dates along with milk relieve constipation. The fibre in dates is responsible for curing constipation.
  21. Dip two teaspoonfuls of Spiegel seeds in water for 6 hours, add the same amount of sugar and take it at night with water. It can also be taken directly without dipping.
  22. Dip Spiegel seeds 5-10 gms in 200 grams of warm milk. Add sugar and take at night.
  23. Daily intake of guava (increased fibre content) on an empty stomach in the morning cures constipation.
  24. One small teaspoonful of castor oil for a newborn baby and 2-4 teaspoonfuls in the case of adults relieves constipation.
  25. The juice of two oranges taken in the morning on an empty stomach for eight to ten days daily relieves constipation. Do not add salt or ice in the juice. Do not take anything one to two hours after its intake.
  26. Litchi and apple are very useful for constipation
  27. Carrot juice mixed with spinach juice cures constipation very quickly.
  28. 1-2 teaspoons of almond oil taken with milk at night for 3-4 days helps relieve constipation.
  29. Avoid sitting constantly, having food late at night, and taking water immediately after food.
  30. One of the after effects of constipation is headache. Do not take any painkillers to relieve headache. This may temporarily relieve your problem but will cause more constipation.
  31. Take triphala powder four grams with 200 grams warm water or milk for relieving constipation.
  32. Sit in Vajrasana for a brief period in the beginning.
  • Start by sitting on your heels.
  • Slowly move your legs sideways, until your bottom is resting on the floor.
  • Put your hands on your knees.
  • This is the only asana that may be practised after eating meals.
  • This asana is good for people suffering from constipation and haemorrhoids (piles).
  • It ensures good digestion.
  • This asana makes your body strong and stable.
  • It gives an erect posture to your spine and shoulders.
  • This asana also strengthens your leg muscles.


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