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Home Remedies for Burning Micturition (Burning while passing urine)

  1. Plenty of fluids are the prime treatment for urinary infection.
  2. If you have burning while passing urine, frequency of urine has increased or there is obstruction while passing urine, have a routine microscopic examination of your urine. If pus cells are present, immediately consult a doctor. Occasional pus cells normally get cleared by drinking plenty of fluids, but if there are more than five pus cells per high power field, get a urine culture and sensitivity test done.
  3. Break dry coriander into pieces, remove the peels and collect 250 grams of the nut that comes out of it. Powder this and add 250 grams of powdered sugar candy. Mix this, and take 5 grams in the morning and evening with water. Do not eat anything one or two hours after this. Take this for a few days. Along with burning in the urine it cures nightfall too. Take the treatment for three to seven days. Have the second dose in the night, instead of the evening, if the motion is loose. If constipated, take it at 4 P.M. and take Spiegel seeds (isabgul) in the night with water. On the first day, take a small amount and successively, as per the condition of the motion, increase the dose.
  4. Spiegel seeds are also helpful in relieving the burning sensation. Mix isabgul in 2 teaspoons water and sugar and drink this mixture.
  5. Dip ten grams of coriander in water at night. In the morning mash, sieve and add sugar candy, then drink this. Take for two to four days to cure burning micturition.
  6. Condiment of onion mixed in curd taken for some days decreases burning micturition.
  7. Boil two onions in water, sieve and drink to clear the urinary passage.
  8. Chew four to five leaves of holy basil on an empty stomach twice a day, with one to two sips of water after that. It cures burning in four to five days.
  9. Grind ten leaves of the bilva (Latin name, Aegle marmelos) tree and mix in 200 grams of water. Take once a day and cure the problem in three 'to four days. For nightfall take the treatment for 15 days.
  10. For retention along with burning, dip a towel in cold water and keep on the stomach below the umbilicus for 15 to 20 minutes to cure the problem.
  11. Daily intake of watermelon juice mixed with sugar cures burning during urination.
  12. Grate cucumber in curd and stir. Daily intake of this form of raita cures burning in urine. Cucumber seeds contain potassium, which is good for urinary ailments.
  13. Spinach contains potassium, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium, which are good for easy clearing of urine.
  14. Daily intake of tomato for vitamin C helps clear and prevent urinary tract infections.


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