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Home Remedies for Boils

Chewing of fresh red leaves of Neem for 22 consecutive days, 16 leaves for adults and seven for children, after brushing or making a tablet of the leaves and having this with water prevents boils for an entire year.

Home Remedies for Boils

  1. Take it on an empty stomach and do not have anything for one or two hours.
  2. It cures many blood disorders, itching and some vata, pitta and kapha diseases from their roots.
  3. It cures diabetes mellitus.
  4. It also prevents malaria and pyrexia of unknown origin.
  5. Do not take more than 22 leaves (adults) and seven leaves (children) or there will be loss of power in the body.
  6. Tamarind juice taken daily for a few days cures boils.
  7. Do not take oil, spices, sour and fried products.
  8. Rubbing onion on the boils or keeping pieces of onion on the boils aggravates pus formation.
  9. Early signs of boils are redness, localised warmth and tenderness. Boils are the early inflammatory state and can turn into abscesses or collection of pus.
  10. Keep warm moist packs over the area with boils to speed the process of pus formation, which leads to early rupture.
  11. Fry pieces of onion in a little oil along with some turmeric and keep in a cloth bag and place over the boil so that pus oozes out easily and faster.
  12. Do not squeeze the boil.
  13. Make tablets from paste of 50 grams margosa leaves and tie it to the boil. It will heal very quickly. If pus has started forming, mix black pepper powder along with margosa leaves and apply on the boil; the pus will drain out and the boil will dry up. In the initial stages, apply 10 to 20 chewed wheat grains twice or thrice on the boil; it will be cured within two to three days.
  14. Grate carrots and then sieve with a cloth in a glass vessel. Drink immediately. Drink 125 gms of carrot juice in the morning before breakfast and in the evening a few hours after lunch. Those who cannot drink it in the morning on an empty stomach can take it in the afternoon or evening. It purifies blood in 15-20 days and prevents eruption of boils. Carrots maintain the balance of acid and alkali in the blood and make blood circulation normal. It also cures anaemia, increases body weight and makes the face glow. It also removes bad-smelling flatus, cleaning the stomach and intestine. Eyesight improves due to the presence of vitamin A. It cures all scars and marks on the skin and makes the skin strong and healthy. It may also cure leucoderma. Take carrot juice without ice. A small quantity of ginger, black pepper and black salt may be added in the juice or grated carrots may be taken as it is.
  15. Do not take heavy, fried and overcooked food. Have more raw products so that the ratio of raw products to cooked food is 4:1.


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