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Home Remedies for Back Pain

  1. Adequate rest is very important. Rest flat on your back for at least 24 hours. Follow the period of complete bed rest with a gradual increase in activity. Do not bend your back or shoulders even when picking up something from the ground. Bend your knees and then pick it up.
  2. Do not sleep on a soft bed or use pillows; lie on a firm mattress or the floor.
  3. Do not gain extra weight.
  4. Vegetables and fruits that are vata producing should be avoided. Fried foods should be avoided.
  5. Soak 60 grams of wheat in water at night. In the morning, along with the wheat add 30 grams khas khas grass and 30 grams coriander. Mix this to form a paste. Boil this paste in 250 gms milk and when two-thirds is left, eat this recipe. It relieves pain and increases the digestive power and strength of the body. Intake of equal amounts of khas khas grass and sugar candy mixed and powdered in the dose of 6 gms taken daily in the morning and evening, with milk taken thereafter, cures backache.
  6. Massage with turpentine oil.
  7. Do not eat rice, black gram, kidney beans, pulses and products of fine flour.
  8. Drink only warm water. If one wants to drink cold water then in boiling water put four leaves- of holy basil or one greater cardamom or two lesser cardamoms. Let it cool and then drink.
  9. Do not have tea before passing stools but add glucose or honey in warm water and drink it.
  10. Those who massage daily with oil do not suffer from vata diseases. Their body develops the capacity to tolerate fatigue. Oil massage should be done at least four times in a month. By massaging the feet, eyesight improves and the dryness, swelling and roughness of feet are relieved. The feet become strong and soft. Diseases like sciatica and others related to nerve pain are prevented.
  11. Heat may be applied with hot water bottle or infrared lamp for temporary relief in the area.
  12. Prishthavasanas cure various ailments connected to the cervical vertebrae, curve in the thoracic vertebrae and pains in the lower parts of the neck. There are six asanas that cure these problems, provided done regularly with other precautions for the back being followed.


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