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  1. Burn and pain in the chest could be a heart attack. Immediate diagnosis should be done to rule out danger.
  2. Refined and fibre less food is responsible for acidity and ulcers. For example, wheat flour should be taken along with the roughage, and vegetables and fruits should be taken along with their skin to increase the fibre content.
  3. Do not lie flat; take an antacid for instant relief.
  4. Fresh seasonal vegetables should be preferred over chemically prepared non­seasonal food.
  5. Suck one clove morning and evening daily after meals.
    • It increases appetite and helps in digestion.
    • It is a destroyer of worms and also increases urine formation.
    • It removes phlegm and helps asthmatic patients.
    • It increases white blood cells in the blood.
  6. Do take cow's milk, pomegranate juice, grapes, fennel, Indian gooseberry (amla), figs, old rice, and a recipe of rice, milk and sugar.
  7. Alcohol should be consumed along with food. Taken at other times, due to its corrosive action alcohol irritates the mucous membrane of the intestine, reducing the smoothness of the intestine and causing wounds, which turn into ulcers due to regular intake of alcohol.
  8. Smoking and chewing tobacco weaken the nervous system. The mucous membrane of the stomach and intestine stop functioning properly.
  9. Instead of tea, coffee and aerated drinks, one should take milk, fresh juice, buttermilk and other milk products. Herb teas with pudina and mulethi give relief.
  10. Stress and strain are major sources of acidity especially in students during their examinations. Due to stress the vagus nerve is inhibited leading to formation of hydrochloric acid. Therefore students have an increased influence of acid formation during examination days due to stress. Thus food habits should be more carefully monitored during those days.
  11. Do not take hot and sour products, meat, alcohol, oils and black gram, and other products of pitta nature.
  12. Pudina (spearmint) and mulethi (liquorice) herb teas give relief.
  13. Water intake neutralises acid to a great extent. Drinking water in the early morning is a very good habit for controlling acidity and relieving constipation.
  14. Suppressing the natural urge to defecate, urinate, pass flatus and belching are all responsible for peptic ulcer. Urgent work, travelling in a bus and many other causes force a person to suppress his/her natural urges. Therefore it is important to form a habit of defecation after getting up in the morning.
  15. Sleeplessness is one of the major causes of acidity these days. People go to bed late and get up early in the mornings.
  16. Meals should be taken in a disciplined way. Food should not be too hot or too cold. It should not be overcooked. It should not be too dry. Ghee or butter should be included to make it soft. Too much oil should not be used in case of obese sedentary workers.
  17. Frequent meals should be taken, each time in small quantities. Meals should be taken only after digestion of the previous meals to avoid acid eructation.
  18. Food should not be taken in a hurry because this does not allow enough time for the normal secretion of enzymes and affects the process of digestion.
  19. Avoid excessive spicy foods. Shun chocolate desserts, hamburgers and fried foods.
  20. Avoid frequent use of aspirin or disprin.
  21. Food should be taken in appropriate measures, neither more nor less. All hints in Daily Healthy Way Hints should be followed.
  22. Keep a small piece of jaggery (gur) molasses (10 gms) in the mouth and keep sucking it after food.
  23. Cabbage contains certain vitamins that help cure acidity. Drink cabbage juice daily.Cooking destroys some active ingredients responsible for curing stomach ailments.
  24. Cucumber juice cures acidity, if taken regularly.
  25. Chebulic myrobalan (black) two grams with equal amount of molasses if taken daily with water in the evenings half an hour after meals for three days cures acidity.
  26. Banana taken along with milk or by itself is very useful for patients with intestinal ulcers. Banana decreases the intestinal inflammation and satiates appetite.
  27. Beverages like milk, milk products such as curd (not sour), custard, mild cheese etc should be preferred. Fresh fruit juices (not citrus) may be taken. Washed pulses, refined cereals, soft cooked eggs, minced meat, soft cooked vegetables, fruits and plain cakes can be given. Avoid hot milk.


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