Eyelasticity Report: Safe and Allergy Free Product!

The skin care industry does not make over $150 bill a year for nothing. There is a reason for it, which you will soon learn.

Everyone is looking for the safest, most effective product. This is probably one reason you are reading this safety and allergy report about Eyelasticity.

Some Background

The full name of this product is Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy. It is an anti-wrinkle solution especially made for the eyes and it is for people who want to keep looking young.

This product is based on the fact that people nowadays are searching for alternatives to Botox© treatments. It is not that Botox© is necessarily a poor skin wrinkle care solution. However, it can be quite expensive and not many people want to endure the frequent injections. Plus, it does have some side effects.

On the contrary, when using Eyelasticity users are more than likely never to experience swelling, redness, or irritation. The main reason is because the active ingredients in this solution (i.e. ProCollOne, Regu©-age, Syn©-ake) mimic natural ingredients and are used to encourage natural bodily productions.

This is especially helpful after age 30 when crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles appear around the eyes that appear after years of squinting. It also is helpful for any type you want smoother skin and want to make a good impression.

Further Safety Reports

Numerous consumers and experts consider the Eyelasticity formula a godsend. The main reason is because it has been noted lately that just a little bit too much Botox© (approx. one nanogram per kilogram) is enough to cause death. That is, at least in the worst-case scenario.

Other severe problems have been associated with using Botox© procedures. Nausea, headaches, and bruising sometimes occur in users. Besides the rare fatalities, more common problems associated with using this botulism-based anti-wrinkle injection treatment.

Main side effects not yet mentioned include muscle weakness, twitching, and speech disorders. Cognitive problems also are sometimes attributed to Botox use©. This could possibly be related to the fact that the original form of main ingredient is actually derived from a common food poisoning, but is a substance that is altered supposedly safer use).

This is one main reason people are seeking other solutions, such as that which is provided by Syn©-ake. This skin-firming ingredient is modeled after the “real thing” that is found in the Temple Viper snake. This might sound just as scary as would the source of Botox© would to some, but so far not nearly as many problems have been attributed to using this active ingredient.


One example of a reason why people prefer active ingredients such as Syn©-ake is this fact: that wrinkles in the forehead can be reduced by 52%. Furthermore the main ingredients just described along with the others that are found in the Eyelasticity formula do not damage natural collagen functions in the body.

Thus, more vibrant and younger-looking skin is achieved. In fact, users have been able to take years off of their lives when using this product, and have begun to even feel more socially and professionally confident.